Operating systems explained,which OS is better Android,IOS Or Windows

cropped-blogsFor people who don’t know the full form of OS. Let me explain OS is an operating system on which the device is running such as PC,Laptos and Smartphones.My further explanation will be in context of smartphone.As we all know how the use of smartphones have changed over time.We have various smartphones running on different OS such as IPhones running on IOS Apple’s own operating system,Microsoft smartphones running on Windows OS and nexuses/google pixel and various other smartphones running on Android OS.
Android OS is Google’s own operating system.Because of so much popularity of Android OS, Google announced AOSP(Android Open Source Project) by which other smartphone manufacturers can use Android for their smartphones and can add their own skin on top of stock Android, different smartphone manufacturers have their own skin such as samsung’s TouchWiz,Htc’s Sense UI, Xiaomi’s MIUI and there are many such skins which provides you with tons of features.

Now Lets talk about IOS well unlike Android IOS is specific to Apple’s devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook and so on. Unlike other OS IOS is the lightest of all OS and its also quite handy as you can see all the installed apps are on the home screen,Now let’s talk where IOS lacks behind,unlike other OS, IOS doesn’t have support for memory card and there is no bluetooth on iPhones or any other product from Apple and the last thing iTunes is quite complicated when it comes to moving songs and videos from your PC to your iPhone, iPod or even iPad.
Now let’s talk about our Last OS for today and that is windows.Nowadays even windows OS is a open OS used by various manufacturer such as Htc. After Windows8 being unsuccessful due to lot of share opted by Android OEM’s, Microsoft has come up with its latest offering that is Windows10 in which Microsoft has added lot of features due to which they were lacking behind such as personal assistant “Cortana” ability to move apps to sd card and many more software tweaks,Microsoft has even worked hard on hardware stuff but it’s still lacking due to very low number of apps and games you can find in windows market place compared to Apple store and Google’s Play store.Among these three OS.Android is the most customizable of all because of the ability to install custom roms where any other OS does not provide that much freedom.Windows is a bit complicated compared to the others.For newbies who are confused regarding OS,I would recommend Android OS as its very easy and Android smartphones are available in mostly all the price segments.If this blog was helpful then like, share and comment if you have any questions comment down below i’ll try to answer them.


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