Smartphones of which company should you buy?


In today’s world smartphones have become our daily driver, the use of smartphones are increasing on a daily basis,with this increasing trend of smartphones,their is a neck to neck competition between Chinese companies and tire one companies.Many people often ask me which smartphone should I buy,a smartphone from a tire one brand or some Chinese smartphones, well first of all what matters is your budget,To people whose budget is on the lower side I usually recommend Chinese smartphones or smartphones of home grown companies as these companies offer very good value for money companies like xiaomi,huawei,LeEco coolpad,gionee and many more Chinese companies have came to India and have earned a good enough market share here but some companies do not provide android updates but you can’t complain as they are budget phones and provide you with good hardware specs but their services are bit of a mess.Even Google has announced Android One so that users get stock Android experience with android os updates for 1 year these smartphones are not that costly and offer good value for money if android updates are important for you.Even home grown companies like micromax,Lava, Karbonn,Spice,Xolo&Yu(micromax subsidy) offer good smartphones companies like Yu will also provide you with cynogenmod os which is highly customizable and provide OS updates.I am not saying that tire one brands are bad but they charge higher prices only for the sake of brand name.Among tire ¬†one brands some companies have started offering good value for money as local oem’s are giving tough competition to them.Still If you prefer to go for tire one brands,I would suggest Motorola as it offers good value for money smartphones.If you have any queries do let me know in the comments I’ll try to answer them.


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